Your “Make Under” Looks Gorgeous!

“Make Under” Dolls Look like Real People – no Disney Princesses here. This is a perfect example of how Mass Media contain & convey values, beliefs & ideologies. Dolls and other toys are a form of Mass Media. They can be a brand onto themselves or a means of communicating other products/services. Integrated media is a business model that has saturated our society with a constructed reality that more & more people are struggling with. Either they become consumed trying to live up to it or looking for a method of countering its influence.

This is why, when someone like Sonia Singh offers an alternative that presents a reality that appears more natural it has such an impact. There is the question of whether this is just offering a different set of values, beliefs & ideology that can become just as restrictive & narrow.  As long as there multiple messages to choose from, rather than a mono-myth standard being imposed then the target audience children & their parents can make a choice in behaviour and personal self expression.

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