Yo Will !: Dezzy & Emilia text it out

It is the end of the school year and the exams and assignments are rolling in. One of my students who is doing a n independent ENG4U course was required to compose a contemporary media conversation based on dialogue & situation from  Shakespeare's tragedy, "Othello". This is  part of what she produced. Emilia: hey dez, …

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Shakespeare’s Sonnets III & XXIX

A presentation to demonstrate visual literacy and the media principle, " All mass media constructs reality" . The choice of images and their combination creates a context  that extends the sonnet.  The messages of the sonnet has now been modified by this context (constructed reality). In doing so the following media principles have been demonstrated. …

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Such Tweet Sorrow

I have been waiting for this  for quite a while. When a new medium arises it takes  time for its innate structure (Codes and Conventions) to be discovered and understood. As the users of the medium come to understand, and then master these Codes and Conventions,  new creative and artistic forms come into existence. An …

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