AIDA-Magazine Covers 3 – What do they have in common ?

More magazine covers to evaluate in terms of AIDA & Mass Media Principles.         Here again is the chart layout for evaluation. Note that eye catching visuals are demanded, regardless of subject matter or target audience.  Each cover uses The Gaze -eye contact to make a connection with the viewer/potential buyer.


Nike Makes Their Marketing Great Again ?

Nike's Kaepernick tagline: “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” The recent Nike advertisement makes effective use of appeals based on values & beliefs. Emphasis is placed on the higher needs presented in Maslow's Hierarchy The marketing strategy acknowledges that the demographic shift within the American population means that at the end of …

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When marketing context goes wrong ?

One of the problems faced with marketing using the digital text of current Mass Media, is how to effectively place your advertisement. Some marketers try and cheat by placing  advertisement into Social Media comments & links. The dueling Komodo dragons  connection to lady's clothing seems  surreal and possibly inventive; unfortunately, the context was created by …

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