AIDA-Magazine Covers 2 – What do they have in common ?



More magazine covers to evaluate in terms of AIDA & Mass Media Principles.



Media Literacy: AIDA

AIDA: How Media Works

AIDA is a simple and direct way of  to introduce basic critical analysis  skills to improve students’ Media Literacy.

AIDA can be applied to any form of mass media. It is very useful for identifying the effectiveness of advertisements, book & magazine covers, brochures, newspapers, and web-pages. In order for the message to be delivered to the targeted audience the medium must do the following things:

  • Get the Audience’s ATTENTION.
  • Hold the Audience’s INTEREST.
  • Create a DESIRE or Need in the Audience.
  • Make it possible for the Audience to Take ACTION.

Here are two full-page magazine advertisements that have been labeled to show their components effectively use AIDA to convey their messages to specific target audiences.

The same type of analysis can be done with a magazine cover.