Media Templates & Examples

The following are mostly Open Office Documents. Links to PDF format or other web-sites will be indicated with link title. I created the templates and samples for my students and fellow staff members at Elliot Lake Secondary School.  I hope these resources will be of use to you. I intend on posting examples of lessons and student work to demonstrate how these templates can be used in a variety of subject areas.

Open Office is a free word processing suite – software download.

Standard Six Panel brochure



3 thoughts on “Media Templates & Examples

  1. Thank you for sharing these resources. This is my 4th year as a 3rd grade teacher and I’ve found sequential art, photography, and blogging to be much more effective than traditional didactic methods because they’re inherently experiential. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope you find some of the resources and ideas useful in your particular teaching situation.

  3. Living in Bavaria and working on a documentary about democratic education (very much unlike Bavaria…) my senses for different approaches to teaching are enhanced – I like what you do. I can see my teenage son pick up on that. Thanks for sharing.

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