Volkswagen Devil Logo – What Stays in the Dog Park


volkswagen devil logo

An ironic logo combines with a pet owner’s  bumper sticker ( I spotted this while on a family outing ) to make a social commentary about the Volkswagen Emission Standards Software Scandal.  As that little devil says, “what happens in the dog park, stays in the dog park”.  Unfortunately, the company’s dog-poo has come  back with a vengeance.

VW Sham

Meanwhile, “A new website called is selling magnetic bumper stickers bearing anti-VW slogans, such as “Another VW? No tanks,” “VW took me for a ride,” and “VW. German for FU.” Each magnet costs $7.50, with 5% of sales going to the International Council for Clean Transportation, according to the site.” ( Source Link )

Besides the impact this scandal will have on Volkswagen, the German economy and general attitudes towards vehicle technology, this revelation demonstrates how our culture, and the economy that sustains it, is all about information and controlling it. 

Volkswagen designed and used software to manipulate data. It sought to control information to enhance the marketability of their products. When this came to light it creates a wave of distrust that taints not only the information it provided to its target audience, but also information coming from other sources, companies and independent agencies. This is not dissimilar to the public’s distrust of government agencies and political messages; all become tarred with the same brush.

Notice it is  a company that aligns itself with the aggrieved consumer, giving them a way of communicating their frustrations and sense of betrayal, that attempts to capitalize on the scandal.  Recognizing that giving  the target audience a means to express themselves in such a way that the consumer’s personal message is directly connected to the product causing the frustration ( devaluing the consumer’s self-image) is very effective understanding of an information & messaging mass media dominant culture.

It will be interesting to see how Volkswagen, the car industry and other stakeholders try to  control the flow of information and how the public with respond to these attempts. In the meantime, those who understand the cultural need to interact and express ideas & feelings through various mass media platforms have an opportunity capitalize financially/socially.



4 thoughts on “Volkswagen Devil Logo – What Stays in the Dog Park

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  2. An inspired bit of entrepreneurship there, for sure, and a great visual way for VW drivers to rail against the corporate machine. I drive a VW (not one of the affected ones) and love the car, but will not be buying another one, ever, because of the fraudulent behaviour of its executive grubs. Sadly, the pickings are a little slim when it comes to corporate ethics in the motor industry. There’s the Ford Pinto scandal ( and the General Motors ignition switch scandal (, and I’m sure there are others. Also, I wonder how other car manufacturers are passing the emissions tests if it is such a difficult thing to do honestly…

    • Interestingly no other car manufacturers jumped at the chance to proclaim how their vehicles have not rigged any tests.

      Apparently part of the reason for Volkswagen’s approach deal with the way diesel car engines are marketed in the States – greater emphasis was put on environmental impact than on fuel economy, hence the testing. However, once they started down this road, they had to maintain the illusion in other countries such as Canada and parts of Europe.

      Who knows what the full impact will be, ….. no one anticipated software manipulation of vehicles by the manufacturers, they were worried about having their cars hacked or AI safety protocols applying Asminov’s Laws of Robotics in strange ways.

  3. As one of the people using the vwsham stickers, it has nothing to do with my self-image. It’s the self-image of others I’m trying to effect. Just like green peace ran with VW’s Darth commercials,

    VW committed fraud, only to save a few bucks. You don’t have to be too close to ownership culture, to know how many are OK with this. But make chumps out of the others, and they might just make chumps out of your cars.

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