Typography from Paper to Cinema


FROM PAPER TO SCREEN is a short animation by Thibault de Fournas. That first component  explores the development of typography on paper ( the basic rules) and then is followed by a presentation of the evolution of the use of typography in cinema.

Using  sound and animated text & imagery, the whole piece effectively becomes  visual kinetic poetry .

The pieces of Music used were:
Clair de Lune – Debussy
Shoot the Piano Player: Poursuite  a composition by
Georges Delerue is performed by – Hugh Wolff & London Sinfonietta .


21th Century Machine - Mystery Map List  Caslon, William, Roman typefaces (specimen).


3 thoughts on “Typography from Paper to Cinema

    • Many thanks Ashley. When I started doing a few short cinematicas for my media students, I discovered Vimeo. They have a lot of creative original work. Unlike YouTube, they don’t have as much of those simple fan videos of favourite song plus some still shots of performer. The Vancouver Film channel features the quality and diversity of work being produced by the students at VFS .

      The also have a free app Cameo for editing phone-made videos .

      I am presently working on a cinematica that I will eventually post on Implied Spaces. I made up the word cinematica because I don’t think my stuff quite fits into video . I don’t know what they are. 😀

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