EQMM – Iconic Detectives

Sherlock & Poirot Here are some EQMM covers, plus an Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine cover featuring some well known  detectives from the realm of classic mystery. Notice the differences in cover layout of the two magazines . While both are effective, they construct a different emotional tone to draw in the reader. The classic detective portraits, do not reflect the content of the magazine directly, rather they play on the atmosphere of classic quality and  collectible status.

The Hitchcock cover is introducing a character that most would be unfamiliar with, so there is a need to establish identity and setting. Direct eye contact with a potential reader entices the buyer to pick up the magazine and check look at the interior. This is basic AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire & Action. 



Tom Wasp & Philip Marlowe


4 thoughts on “EQMM – Iconic Detectives

    • Thanks for dropping by & commenting. The EQMM went through different styles of covers. At one time, they did a series of photo covers using a similar layout. The photos were of famous writers of mystery & detective fiction. 🙂

      • Very true ! This is especially true for all the glamour and celebrity magazines. It is ironic that they try to crate a personal connection, often creating a narrative to entice the buyer. Many of the older magazines, actually featured fictional narratives and better portrayed their characters and stories on covers. The remaining mystery and science fiction magazines still produce really interesting & distinctive covers ( as do some of the comic books & graphic novels ).

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