Perfect Context With These Ideas

I was going through the WordPress Blog Reader, checking out recent posts, when I happened upon this listing, Your Wedding Can Be Perfect With These Ideas . The Reader features a linked title, opening paragraph and a featured image. This what I saw:

Wedding Suggestions

They say a picture is worth “lots of words” – it also depends on context. If you click the link above to read the full post, you will see that the featured image makes perfect sense within the context of the actual post, layout and related text. However, the automatically generated Reader posting alters the text & image layout, creating a very different context.

The basic Principles of Mass Media apply to the Reader. The context of the text & image constructs a reality, conveying intended and unintended messages. While the situation that arose with the wedding planning post is rare & humorous, bloggers should keep in mind that their featured images might change context when they show up in the Reader. I will be curious to see how this post appears in the Reader.

Now any suggested wedding planning tips ? ……..

“Don’t place the bassinet before the proposal”, as grandmother would say.

Update: By the time I made this post  the blog that I referenced had disappeared. Now that is strange.


3 thoughts on “Perfect Context With These Ideas

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    • Thanks for dropping by Ashley. I thought that would give viewers a chuckle. Don’t know why the actual blog got deleted. It did feature actual information that would be useful to people planning a wedding.. ….. 😀

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