AIDA for Brochures

One of the common media assignments given students is the brochure. it shows up across grades, levels, and subject areas. The student is required to present information they have acquired over the unit in a brochure format or they are expected to demonstrate their research skills and present it in the form of a brochure.

What I have noticed is that there are assumptions made by students and teachers  in regards to this activity.   It is often seen by both students and teachers as an easy assignment. Both sides seem to think that it is a simple matter of pouring the wine into the bottle. Brochure templates are pretty straight forward.  While this is true I found if you add a bit of AIDA that the results can be more satisfying.

I provided my students with a Standard Six Panel brochure that includes tips based on AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. These are the basic elements of advertising and creating a strong consistent media message.

As you can see in with these visuals, each panel is associated with some aspect of AIDA. The student can check both content and purpose as they complete the assignment.


If students have been taught the AIDA formula, and they have a clear understanding of who is the intended the target audience  and the purpose of the message being delivered by means of the brochure, they will do a better job. Evaluation of the finished product is easier. Use the AIDA criteria to determine the effectiveness of the brochure. Use the tips & guidelines for content to evaluate specific content. If you require a full colour brochure and a colour printer is not available, then have the student save/export the document as a PDF.




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