Shakespeare’s Sonnets III & XXIX

A presentation to demonstrate visual literacy and the media principle, “ All mass media constructs reality” . The choice of images and their combination creates a context  that extends the sonnet.  The messages of the sonnet has now been modified by this context (constructed reality). In doing so the following media principles have been demonstrated.

All mass media contain values and beliefs.

All mass media contain intended and unintended messages.

This exercise is an example of how we can engage students in media literacy and related visual literacy skills. We can then connect media literacy skills to our specific subject material and related areas of knowledge & understanding and skills & application.

In this case, the first step is to get the students to interpret the sonnet in terms of the extended context. How have the graphic, colours, and images influenced the interpretation of the sonnets. The next step is to get the students to create their own visual context and explain how it impacts on the poetry. Next would be for the students to work with other poetry they have studied.

Extended activity could include the following areas:

A. popular songs-lyrics – 1. cover art and CD packaging  2. music video

B. Haiku and Haiga

C. Students generate their own poetry and produce their own graphics.

Here are two other examples of visual literacy applied to theatre / drama.


For more information on how these images were produced and used see my photo blog post: News from the Front Lines .


3 thoughts on “Shakespeare’s Sonnets III & XXIX

  1. Today’s students are children of the digital age, citizens of the 21st century. They read digital print and visual text. They expect to be able to interact with it and produce their own. As educators, we must help them use this media (digital -visual) literacy in all subject areas.Show a student images like the ones in this post and the response is: a) Can we do that ?, b) How did you get that effect ?, c) Are you going to teach us how to do that , and d) I wish I could do that. The range of questions reflects their range of knowledge, skills, and confidence in relation to their use of media technology .

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