So Much Information …so little time

I have more books than I can read. For  an English and Media teacher this is the normal state of affairs. The internet just compounds the problem. Frankly, Information Junkie describes my condition quite well.

Like any Info-Junkie, I want to share. After all,  information is a contagion. It wants to go viral. So here is the latest .  I was scanning other WordPress blogs under the media tag and came across  Lighting the Fuse .  What can I say, wonderful stuff  and highly recommended.  I’ll be sharing the following information with my students and fellow staff members.

From an education and media literacy point of view, here are  some resources for teachers and students that this blog introduced me to:

  • if this is old news,  sorry, just an old teacher trying to get caught up

From a Media Literacy and educational point of view, I’m sure you can see my enthusiasm.  These search tools use visual and interactive codes and conventions that students are familiar with. Newsmap is text heavy, but you can control settings according to country and topic.

Besides being a way of searching for information, these tools can be used to demonstrate or explore Media Principles with your students.


  • All mass  media have business interests. Mindshare allows you to explore consumer trends related to digital technologies. The links will provide  real (business) world examples . The Mindshare tool was designed for a specific target audience.
  • All mass media construct reality and contain values and beliefs.  While newsmap is interactive and there are settings the user controls, there are also limits. There are only 15 countries listed at the top to choose from and the news is divided into seven topics.

I’ve noticed that the blog has had  quite a few visits from people using the forums at  Making Curriculum Pop ever since Frank W. Baker referred to  the post Photography: Composing a Narrative.

Glad you have found this of  interest. Please leave a comment or observation.


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