Canadian News Media: F-Stop and The Constructed Image

I did not really anticipate saying too much more on Canada’ newest ” Fuddle Duddle”. At the time I posted my observations on how various news outlets were reporting on Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth’s  apparently well-intentioned warning to aid representatives the National Post had not yet published any articles on the incident.

The Post’s headline  –  ‘Shut the f— up’ on abortion file, counsels Tory senator

Like the other articles, this one presents its own constructed view of events. However, it emphasizes the Question Period debates.  So even though it is the first article that the Post published, it  really should be compared to the follow-up articles from the competing news outlets.

I’ll leave you to compare those articles yourself. I will point out how images/photographs were used.  The Toronto Star had no image or photograph with its article,  Conservatives accused of culture of intimidation. The Globe and Mail featured  two photographs with its article, Senator’s profanity reveals Tory‘culture of intimidation,’ critics say.

The Globe’s choice of photographs constructs a reality by presenting Rae in a calm stance, while Baird is presented in an aggressive stance.  As I point out to my students, the photograph has a particular point of view. it only reveals what the photographer wants you to see and understand. Set a particular photograph in a specific context( printed or digital layout) and you construct a reality that intentionally or unintentionally conveys a set of  values and beliefs.

The Post’s associated image is more properly an editorial cartoon. The fact that it placed below the title of the article emphasizes  that this news report slips over into an opinion piece by setting a tone with the accompanying visual.

Putting aside  your particular opinion of this event, the news coverage itself is a  fascinating example the principles of media. It demonstrates why Media Literacy is necessary for an understanding of the news and social & political issues.


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