AIR- P: Selling the Feeling

AIR- P, not to be confused with Air Guitar, is another way of helping students understand how advertizing works. Like AIDA, it provides a quick mnemonic to remind the student of the Four Jobs of advertising.


the paid use of the media, such as; tv, radio, internet, magazines, billboards, and newspapers, to bring a product or service to the attention of the Target Audience ( a demographic group) that the Advertiser wants to reach, with the goal of increasing sales.


An advertisement must:

  • get people’s Attention
  • establish an Image (a personality) for the product
  • Reassure current customers that they have made the right choice, thus maintaining customer loyalty
  • Persuade new customers that the product or service will benefit them in some way .

Often young people, who have never tried the product or service before, are seen as potential new customers. As people grow older they are more reluctant to switch brands or try new services. One of the strongest forms of Appeals that a young demographic  responds to is the need for self-esteem.

Reaching this specific demographic can create a number of problems for advertisers and the general public.  How to get your message to this target audience without upsetting the Values and Beliefs of other demographic groups.

This past January Calgary Bus Stops started running ads for Virgin Mobile Phones. Ads that were aimed at  young urban singles did not get  a positive response from other demographic groups. The ads were pulled.

In March another Calgary ad campaign, this time for the  MidTown Condo project, managed to upset a wider demographic – including many of the very individuals they were targeting. The intended target audience were  young professional men in the downtown area.  The ad placements aimed high.


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