When AIDA Pops Out

Here is a Lexus TV Commercial that makes very effective use of AIDA. It uses creative situation and an eye-catching setting to get the attention of the audience, hold their interest, and then provide enough information to build desire. Hopefully, the result will lead the audience to take action.

This commercial is interesting in the way it has incorporated the pop-up book in the setting and action. It becomes media about media.

The pop-up book is a way for the printed text to take on the elements of other media. The flat static page  becomes three  dimensional. Movement extends into three dimensions and is no longer restricted to just pages flipping. Images become objects and  can acquire a type of animation. A constructed reality has been created that allows part of the message to be conveyed by action. In effect it takes on one of the characteristics of movies/television.

So this commercial  is a box within a box, within another box. Just as Shakespeare’s  A Midsummer Night’s Dream,  plays within plays turns his audience into an extension of the play they are watching, this commercial takes the viewer on the other side of the camera to TV sound stage the features a life-size pop-up book.

  • A book that is trying to be a movie or TV show
  • A commercial that resembles an elaborate live stage production
  • Layers of constructed reality playing out in the final box of a television/computer/cell phone  screen.

I’ll leave you with one final point to ponder:

“What was the intended action ?”

Obviously the commercial was hoping to increase sales. But there is the issue of how the commercial would be delivered to the audience. In which box was it to be viewed?

If not the television, then we’re using the internet.  In other words this commercial was designed to be creative and clever enough that it could be spread through viral marketing.  If that is the case, I took the bait and reacted as they intended by creating this post.




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