Be Environmentally Responsible….. Get rid of Textbooks..?

“At Monte Vista Christian School, history textbooks could soon be a relic of the past. Ditto for tomes on biology and English literature. And spiral-bound notebooks and pens—who needs them?”

California school first to use iPads in classroom –

Is this the start of the great educational change ?  Will digital text shortly become the dominant form of educational reading material ? Based on the speed at which the technology is changing, there is in all likelihood a two to five-year transitional window. I had initially thought we would have had five to seven years.

What that means for students, educators, and school boards will depend on  community size and demographics.  For example in Ontario, large school boards in Toronto and London will be better  technologically prepared to make the jump than a small rural school board or some of the Northern Ontario boards which cover large area.

It will be more difficult for rural and Northern boards to shift over as quickly to digital print “textbooks”.  This means they will be caught in the financial squeeze as the demand for traditional textbooks drops. The Textbooks will cost more and the  cost  of implementing alternative digital print will be prohibitive.

……….. in two years it will be 2012 ……..  maybe this is what the Mayans  were predicting.


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