Pinhole Image in A Box

Some new images and a few observations

  1. The cost of materials to construct a pinhole can screen and box is very cheap.  From a teaching point of view, very cheap is very good, especially when it produces effective learning opportunities.
  2. The construction process is neither difficult nor time-consuming. It does not have to be overly precise in order to produce visible results. Sorry, I’m a habituated to puns.
  3. The simple home-made cardboard box has a make believe toy quality.  The first response that students often have is surprise that the thing actually works. It is a low-tech how factor. This makes the activity of using and making them FUN. Learning as play. My daughter took one of the boxes to her class ( a Special Needs  School) for show and tell. It was a big hit and everyone wanted to try it.
  4. This activity can connect students to the past. They can better understand how and why people used earlier technology. It wasn’t silly and the results were not primitive.

For example this image makes good sense …………..

Covered photographer with 19th century box camera on tripod

……..once the student notices the difference when covering the pinhole box with a blanket.


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