Pinhole Image – Digital Capture

There are many useful sites about how to build pinhole cameras and develop pinhole photographs.  I, as mentioned in the earlier post on pinhole photography, was looking to accomplish two things in the classroom.

  1. Have a hands on demonstration of  how pinhole images are generated so that students could better appreciate and understand the basis of photography.
  2. Find away to  digitally capture the images, so that the time constraints of developing film and the  issues of using chemicals in a darkroom process could be avoided.

The first goal was accomplished by creating a pinhole can screen.

The second goal was accomplished by using the a pinhole can a pinhole box that functioned like a camera obscura.

The viewer opening at the back of the box  could be used to just look at the image on the screen of wax paper. More importantly the lens of the camera could be inserted to take a digital picture of the projected pinhole image.

To learn a bit more about the method of construction and see some  examples of  these digital captures go to the Creating Pinhole Can Screens and Boxes Page.


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