Mass Media Principles



These are the main principles that I used with my students in the EMS3O media studies class:

1. All mass media have business interests.

2. All mass media have an intended target audience.

3. All mass media have codes and conventions.

4. All mass media construct reality.

Jacobs Real Models


5. All mass media contain values, beliefs, and ideologies. These become part of conscious & unconscious biases.



6. All mass media convey messages.  Some of these  messages are explicit, while others are implicit.  Unintended messages are very often part of the messages’ structure.

The Big Bang Theory Cast 1sm





7. A new mass media technology will initially borrow the content and imitate the conventions of the mass medium that is currently dominant in a society. As the technology advances, the new medium will consume the older medium, turning it into content. This can be referred to as the Principle of Necro-Media.






20 thoughts on “Mass Media Principles

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  4. I am particularly interested in the notion that “all mass media often convey unintended messages” – do you have specific blog posts on this subject. elmediat?

  5. elmediat

    I have a few related posts. Superhero Part 3:”It’s A Bird… It’s A Plane… It will Rot Your Moral Fibre ! ~ Alberta Rethink Your Advertising ~ Canadian News Media: F-Stop and The Constructed Image ~ see the Media Principle Category under It’s All Media!
    All start a specific post on this principle in the “hopefully” near future. Thanks for the interest.

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  15. Great post. These principles seem to get along with Habermas’ theory of communication.
    Besides, I firmly believe that the messages are directly related to ideologies and power. Thanks so much for sharing… Sending best wishes 🌟🌞

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