Dark Pines Rambling

A long time ago I tried to start a blog on blogspot. Things being what they were I left it. When I finally came back to it, Google would not let me back in to add or change anything. Well now I am here. I will try again. A true learning experience.


2 thoughts on “Dark Pines Rambling

  1. Have you tried using edublog? many of our teachers are finding it very successful- students who used to be reluctant in responding to text are willingly to blog about what they read/think/learn and are growing through discussions with each other. Just another great tool that reflects 21 century learners- it gives stud3ents a voice and teachers an opportunity for assessment and learning about their students. Authentic real life booktalks or critical literacy talks expressing opinion on media clips are hooking students via blogging.

    • So far our board server is restrictive to many blog sites, including WordPress, but excluding Blogspot(????). Though attitudes are shifting, the official policy on student computer use is that any student caught on a blog site will be sent to the VP for inappropriate computer use. Many media clips and images are blocked. The Art teacher has found access for herself and her students sometimes challenging.Those more understanding staff just monitor for appropriate content. My impression is that there are those on staff who still think that blog site feature content that is either inappropriate or inaccurate. As for using edublogs, I am still trying to encourage more of them to step away from printed text/ traditional-media as their default method. Slide-shows are considered adventurous methods of evaluation. There are those teachers who still feel a need to have a printed copy of the slide-show foe evaluation purposes.

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