where did the classic editor go this time ?

Once again WordPress has made updates to make it more accessible for those using tablets & phones to post blogs. In the process, access to the classic editor vs. the block editor seemed to disappear.  I have several blogs, besides this one, I have Dark Pines PhotoKanski Zoo, and Implied Spaces.  While Kanski Zoo is shared with my wife, Implied Spaces is my Primary Blog site. I discovered that Implied Spaces  allowed me to use the Classic Editor, but the others only provided the Block Editor.

WordPress gives support instructions  for accessing the Classic Editor –

There is one piece of information that is not included that is needed if you have more than one blog.  The advanced dashboard setting only appears on your profile if  it is set for a Primary Site. In order to adjust your dashboard settings, select  that blog as your Primary Site. You’ll have to do this for each blog. Afterwards you can now switch back to your desired primary blog site –  your various blogs will be able to access both Block & Classic Editors.

body image – insecurity as motivation

Lola Montez Creme Adverisement: February 25 1906.

Lola Montez: Dancer, Countess, Whip-Wielding Socialist

An icon of beauty, independence, scandal, sexuality, and liberation, Lola Montez  was the first woman to ever be photographed (daguerreotype) smoking a cigarette.

Remember Media Principles


All mass media have an intended target audience.

 All mass media construct reality.

All mass media contain values, beliefs, and ideologies. These become part of conscious & unconscious biases.

All mass media convey messages.  Some of these  messages are explicit, while others are implicit.  Unintended messages are very often part of the messages’ structure.

Constructed Realities built on biased values & beliefs creates unattainable images & icons that feed insecurities about self-image and conflicting societal expectations.







Biden-Trump ratings battle

The competing television town hall meetings turned into a ratings loss for Trump. Broadcast Television evaluates its success in terms of the size of the viewing audience, and the demographic make up of that viewership. A show can have the most viewers , but lose the Demo ( the sweet-spot of  young viewers, 18 to 36 ). The Demo is the most lucrative to broadcasters because these people are more likely to spend money on the advertised products & services. Rating evaluation is all about target audience & business interests, the driving force of Mass Media.

When considering the competing town hall broadcasts, the ratings reveal that the younger viewers Demo chose Biden. He won both the overall numbers & the target  group, the television broadcaster’s coveted audience.

photograph by Clay Banks – Unsplash

When we look at values, beliefs, and ideology, we see the competing culture war of Trump’s aggressive combative  style & view of a society under attack from within and without, versus Biden’s softer  style & view of a society in need of healing & uniting all of its diverse components. Trump appeals to the lower portion of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, emphasizing threat of loss, while Biden emphasizes higher hope in building towards the higher level of needs.

These competing sets of values, beliefs, and ideology play out in the differences between cable & broadcast television.



Trump lost the ratings battle: What that really means – SOURCE:The Hill

The rating differences reflect the Mass Media Principles  of target audience, values, beliefs, & ideology very effectively. Besides revealing the differences in the two candidates, it suggests a trend in the wider public attitude to the current Trump administration.